Welcome to Backroom/Boudoir Photography

Backroom Boudoir is a Los Angeles-based boudoir photo studio, founded by photographer Brynne Zaniboni, who has studied and practiced photography for ten years while she led her other life in the women-focused non-profit world. Finally unable to resist the call of her creative passions, she left non-profit life and founded Backroom Boudoir in 2015—hell-bent on still being able to give back to the community of women by empowering them to play with their idea of sensuality for themselves and their partners.


The Perfect Wedding Gift

Give your partner a gift you know they will love. Each Backroom Boudoir package is designed to make you feel pampered and gorgeous regardless of your budget. Bring your veil, your wedding shoes, white lingerie and we will take care of the rest. You have the option of hair and makeup with our professional team, plus we are the only popular studio that includes retouched images in every package. Click here to view our gallery.

The Perfect Holiday Gift

Our 800 square foot studio gives you the privacy and the elegant scenery to relax and let loose. We strive to create an atmosphere that makes you comfortable, which includes helping you find poses that you feel good in! We guarantee your partner will love opening this gift, no matter what the occasion.



The Perfect Just Because…

Some women just want an opportunity to show off their most natural and beautiful selves, we can capture that too! If you have an idea outside of the studio, lets try it! Contact us today to set up an appointment.